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Zhenzheng LI

Member profession:Artist,Project planner,
Member level:Memb. Alliance


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2010~至今 Green Art Environment Science and Technology Co.,Ltd Marketing manager
1997~2006 Marketing manager Marketing manager
可交流语言 中文,英文,法文

策展人、艺术家 | Curarice,Artista

France +33 7 81 24 50 88
1106 rue de la sorbes, 34070 Montpellier,

A marketing leader with high esthetic standard in a creative working environment can lead the team beat the competitors under great pressure in the short time to reap the maximum profit for the company.
I am a person with a strong sense of responsibility and strong ability to stress, like to challenge a hope to get the realization of self-value from challenge. In my working experience, I am always full of enthusiasm, because of my good management and communication skills to lead the team to work beyond the expected goal and to bring more returns for the company.

2018 - 2016 Montpellier Business School
Grande Ecole, Management Montpellier, France
2011 - 2013 Folkwang University of the Arts
Design Essen, Germany
2007 - 2011 Southwest Jiaotong University
B.A in Industrial Design Chengdu, China

07.2014 – 06.2015 Chengdu Green Art Environment Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, Marketing manager
➢ Product marketing activities
➢ Brand marketing activities
➢ Develop and maintain client
➢ Establish and manage department
➢ Promote all aspects of my management skills, especially the compressive strength and decision-making capacity

06.2010 - 12.2011 Renkui Invest & Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Sales Consultant
➢ Mainly in charge of customer communication and data sorting
➢ Participated in advertising planning and design
➢ Learned interpersonal skills in commercial activities

01.2012 - 06.2012 Apex Advertising Co., Ltd.
Chengdu, Creative Designer
➢ Learned much about creative design in print ads

12.2009 - 03.2010 Crowne Plaza
Chengdu , Marketing department
➢ Visual image design and maintenance and logo, poster, brochure design in the hotel

06.2009 - 08.2009 Ito-Yokado
Chengdu, Graphic Designer
➢ Graphic design in the department store and backcourt and product poster design and logo design
➢ Participated in refit design of the new store

01.2015 – 06.2015
Global garbage classification project of Harvard Business School MBA in China

12.2014 - 01.2015
2015 Annual Charity Project of Xindu Real Estate Association

11.2014 - 12.2014
Press conference of WanTeng commercial Chengdu real estate

07.2011 - 09.2011
Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Excavator Design

03.2011 - 05.2011
Yushan Ye Sculpture Museum Design Project Chengdu Interior Design

08.2008 - 06.2008
Volunteer In Wenchuan earthquake

Chinese; English; German


Graphic Design; Computer-Aided Design (CAD); CorelDraw; Microsoft Office


Fitness; Pipa (traditional Chinese instrument); Latin dance

To provide overseas cultural and artistic project planning
Publisher:李真峥(Zhenzheng LI) Publish date:2017-04-02 Deadline:2020-12-31 Category of project:Activity planning Number of invite:0人 Number have:0人 To provide overseas cultural and artistic project planning: overseas visits, exhibition planning, festival participation (mainly in France)
Inviting--- In the--- succeeded Inviting
Mobile:+33 7 81 24 50 88
Tel:+33 7 81 24 50 88
Address:1106 rue de la sorbes, 34070 Montpellier,France
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